Nessie, a correspondence

Whilst perusing the internet, I happened across what I thought was a well-rounded website of sceptical reasoning and factual debate. Oh boy was I wrong. There was an article regarding a fossil of some water reptile found in Scotland, which was light heartedly shoe-horned into the myth of Nessie (of inhabiting Loch Ness fame) which …

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The Irish “Daily mail” A correspondence.

"The Scotch showed that thay (Learn to fucking spell) are all kilt and no sporran when they were given a chance" First of all, the accepted term for a collection of Scots is Scottish, secondly, if i had wanted to be taken seriously I maybe shouldn’t have called these little Irelander's "Feinian's" But what choice …

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In defense of my culture. A correspondence

  Celtic culture to you Hi Cinead, Thank you for your comments, while it is true that the Welsh have no historical documented evidence of kilt wearing, the same can also be said of the Isle of Mann, Cornwall, Ireland, and many other regions who claim Celtic heritage, and wear kilts. Scottish tartans mostly …

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