Big Book o Grudges

1.Katie Hopkins. For hoping Ebola wiped out Scotland’s population
2.Margaret Thatcher. I’m glad your deid ya old cunt
3.Carol Thatcher. For being Maggie’s daughter
4.Amanda Holden. For her sycophantic laughter at a joke about Scotland, cracked by David Cameron on this morning
5.BBC. For their biased, anti-Scots coverage of the independence campaign (And for giving David Starkey a platform to vomit his hatred and bile)
6.David Starkey. For his contempt and overwhelming hatred for my people
7.All Daily mail commenters and readers. SCUM
8.Michelle Mone. For signing the letter against Scottish independence
9.J.K Rowling. For signing the letter against Scottish independence
10.Scarlett Johansson. For referring to Scotland as dark, dangerous, and drunk, whilst implying that she didn’t feel safe there
11.Dame Judi Dench. For signing the letter against Scottish independence
12.David Cameron. For orchestrating the campaign against independence, and obvious reasons, like sexually abusing a pigs severed head
13.Ronan Mitchell. For contemptuously calling Scotland, England
14.Wayne Gower. For insulting Scotland, and ginger people
15.Robert x. For saying Scotland has no culture (And insulting the Bagpipes)
16.Solaire of Astora. For condoning genocide against Scots
17.Fuzzybunny. For disrespecting his ancestry, and in doing so, Scotland
18.John Stapleton. For being quick to dismiss Sir Chris Hoy’s achievement as Britain’s greatest athlete (By way of medal count) on air, in favor of Jessica Ennis, simply because she is English
19.Stephen Hawking. For signing the letter against Scottish independence
20.Simon cowell. For saying that, Britain’s got talent, and the x factor, don’t go to Scotland because there is no talent there
21.Lord Sugar. For selfishly urging Scots not to vote for independence, simply because it may negatively affect his own country
22.Sir Ben Ainslie
23.Tom Daley
24.Sir Steve Redgrave
25.Sir David Attenborough
26.Michael Parkinson. For signing the letter against independence (Doesn’t deserve a knighthood)
27.Helena Bonham-Carter. For signing the letter against Scottish independence
28.Sir Patrick Stewart. For signing the letter against Scottish independence
29.Michael Douglas. For signing the letter against Scottish independence
30.Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber. For signing the letter against Scottish independence
31.Sting. For signing the letter against Scottish independence
32.Cliff Richard. For signing the letter against Scottish independence (Also, I refuse to call him Sir)
33.Eddie Izzard. For signing the letter against Scottish independence, and sticking his pig-nose into Scottish politics
34.Edward the first (Longshanks). If you don’t know why, read a goddamn book
35.Edward the second. For trying where his father left off, and of course, failing miserably. (Also, he died by getting arse raped by a red hot poker LOL)
36.Q. Petillius Cerialis. For attempting to conquer Scotland
37.Gn. Julius Agricola. For also attempting to conquer Scotland
38.Ruth Davidson. Leader of the Scottish conservative party
39.Kezia Dugdale. Leader of the Scottish Labour party
40.Ray Winston. For giving it the “Apples and pears” cringe worthy patter when asked about Scottish independence on Mock the week, to which he responded, that he didn’t give a damn about Scotland or the Scots
41.Scary spice. For her utter contempt of Scotland, and her dismissive attitude when asked about the prospect of Scottish independence (If you don’t like it, don’t mean you have to be a cunt about it)                                                                                                                                           42.Ptolemy. For talking shite about Scotland
43.The English church. For the propaganda of it’s royal writs from 1337-1453
44.Hector Boece. For his work “Scotorum Historiae” and it’s negative stereotyping of Scots
45.William Camden. For his work “Brittania” and it’s negative, and insulting, stereotyping of Scots
46.Saint Jerome. For comparing Scots to Scythian’s, so as to reinforce his claim of cannibalism being rife in Scotland
47.Nicolaus Hieronymus Gunding. For explaining that the exotic appearence and cannibalism of the Scottish people made them akin to savages of Madagascar
48.George Chapman. For Estward Hoe, and its negative, and deriding, depictions of Scots
49.Have I Got News For You. For their anti-independence agenda
50.Paul merton. For his comments during Have I Got News For You
51.Kelvin MacKenzie. For refering to we Scots as “Tartan Tosspots” also for celebrating Scotlands low life expectancy
52.Samuel Johnson. For this quote: “The noblest prospect which a Scotsman ever sees, is the high road that leads to England”