This blog is primarily about my petty quest to avenge all of the many insults leveled at the ancient and beautiful country of Scotland! Translation: this blog is about one man’s pedantic quest to answer every petty little slight with an even pettier response.

But “why“, you may rightly ask yourselves, “does this bastard care so much about trivial nonsense?

Well, its simple. I’ am a petty, vindictive bastard; prone to Righteous indignation. Should you take everything I say within this blog seriously? No, probably not. Unless you agree with it that is, in which case; yes, you absolutely should.

Lastly. Follow me, don’t follow me, I don’t need your approval, were not friends (Unless you wanna be) Also, feel free to leave me abusive comments and such, because, if I’m honest, some of my future posts aren’t going to be all that nice, and will probably warrant them. You have been warned!

P.S How awesome is my artwork BTW, I made most of them using a combination of skill and MS paint.

PPS The Tartan background is the Clanranald of MacDonald Ancient Tartan, if you’re wondering (My Tartan).

PPPS My Clan heritage also includes Paton (MacPhadrian) MacRae and Howie (Sept of Clan Graham) as well as MacAlpine and Douglas.