McCrone report: page 1-11 uploaded

Mccrone 1

As the title suggests, I’ve begun uploading the full McCrone report to the pages section. The report essentially outlines the blatant plan by the British government to steal the North sea oil from Scotland and funnel it down into England. It’s an interesting read, and sheds a definitive light on the inherent deception and disgusting thievery of a selfish Westminster. What they did was truly underhanded, deceitful and abhorrent. This isn’t, nor was it, a conspiracy theory. It happened, and considering the Tories, it should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with them or their scheming as to how low they would be willing to sink. I’ll be adding the full report soon, and If your interested in Scottish independence, or just politics in general, then I’d recommend giving it a read.


You can find a PDF of the full report here in the meantime: