What now?

As some might be aware, the results of the snap General Election here in the moldering carcass of the U.K, has brought about something of a wake-up call for both the dominant parties in Scotland and England, or those apt to have at least been considered ‘safe’; SNP and the Tories to be exact. Below are the results for Scotland. They aren’t catastrophic, by any means, and we can bounce back, but considering the previous voting trend up until now, it isn’t exactly encouraging in regards to the prospect of Scottish independence either.

The result

general election resultsgeneral election results2

And it got me thinking about a lot of things. It got me thinking about Scotland, Brexit, Unionism, Westminster and the English-run U.K wide media, in paper, internet, and broadcasting format; the triple-threat. It got me thinking about just how much of an uphill struggle it’s all been, only to reach this rut in the road, from the halcyon days of 2011-2015 and 2016; the sense of Scotland awakening and uniting, regardless of personal prejudice and the issue of Europe, to really come together, put aside our petty beliefs and strike out for a clear and concise goal; independence. I’ll readily admit, that of mass immigration, I’m no fan; select immigration of individuals that actually benefit the society into which they are placed; I’m fully on-board for. Yet, the SNP and their somewhat radical open-door approach to such things never sat all that well with me, but I continue to vote for them solely to advance the cause of independence. I thought that was the general consensus among the majority of my fellow Scots as well; deal with the background noise post-independence; vote for a different party afterwards, but just get to that point first and foremost. Independence. Apparently however, that wasn’t the case, and perhaps I was a tad too blinded by my own sense of mounting destiny to notice, or at least admit, that cracks were beginning to appear. The SNP are still the majority in Scotland, and that’s good; but I just can’t help noticing the cracks. I’m ever the optimist…

And now, we have Tories back in Scotland! Tories. 13 of them. And I sit here stunned, wondering just what in the blue fuck happened to my countrymen that I find a portion of them suddenly seeking out the nearest cliff, enmasse, from which to leap from. They may as well just go ahead and burn down their houses, after pushing their elderly down the stairs, because that’s what voting Tory means in Scotland, that’s exactly what voting for anything other than the SNP or Greens buys you; austerity; higher taxes; emptier pensions; less money in your pocket and an ever increasingly authoritative and uncaring government breathing down your neck!

And for what? Fear of another independence referendum? Then vote NO if and when it comes. You don’t have to get into bed with the actual Goddamn enemy just to spite the noses of your own people. You could have voted NO, without letting those who despise you drag your country to ruination and destitution. You could have voted NO, for Gods-sake, you could have simply voted NO. But instead, you let the enemy through the gate, and in doing so, turned your back on everything it means to be Scottish; you spat in the faces of all who have come before us, you’ve spat in the faces of our culture, and our heritage. You’ve spat in the faces of not only your children, but your Grandchildren as well; and all from cowardice and a weak heart. And so what’s left? Try and claw back seat after seat from the Tory and Labour scum; campaign unceasingly within every quisling constituency, after quisling constituency?

I’ve got a better idea folks; a Unilateral Declaration of Independence.

And let’s see them try and fucking stop us. I’ll tell you, this whole exercise in democracy, it isn’t working. It’s time to be Scotland again, be who we really are. We aren’t progressive and liberal; we’re bitter and hateful, aggressive and violent. That is our nature. Fuck all of these English immigrants within our storied borders; they don’t get a say in this. We declare Unilateral Independence, and then we meet those scum south of the border, beard to beard, because democracy isn’t working, and if we want independence, then instead of letting unionists make bomb-threats and send suspicious packages to pro-independence locations without so much as a glance in their corner; we fight back; an eye for an eye. They attack us; we attack them, brutally and swiftly, whilst giving no shits about what the rest of Europe thinks of us. When we march, as 20,000 did in Glasgow, we do so ready to fight; to counter aggressively, any Unionist scum we happen across (According to All Under One Banner, over 17,000 people had gathered, with almost 9,000 people confirming their attendance on the event’s Facebook page. Police estimate there were around 15,000-20,000 attendees). We then make it a law to teach all children Scottish Gaelic, from Galloway and the Borders, all the way up and to Orkney; reawaken it nation-wide, for it was spoken everywhere. It was our language, not just in the Highlands, but Scotland-wide. It belongs to us all. We then scrap the British history books, and replace them with the history of our own incredible, stunning, beautiful, magical, inspiring, glorious and ancient nation. We see any flag flying that isn’t the Saltire; rip it down. English-run businesses? Boycott them; refuse to buy anything not produced within Scotland; support our farmers and fishermen first and foremost. Holiday in the Hebrides and spend our money there; support and help revitalize those small businesses that call our ancient heart home. Shut out the rest of the world and worry about ourselves for a time, because we have few friends within our own country as it is, let alone out there in the wider world.

Sidenote: I’m aware the above paragraph will most likely never happen, and more’s the pity; but forgive me my rant, as I’m genuinely sickened to my stomach, and sometimes it’s nice to vent. Anyway:

The softly-softly approach of appeasing everyone just hasn’t been working. We’ve been too nice, and too eager to be seen as ‘progressive’; bending over backwards to make every single component within our society feel included and welcome, no matter how divisive or insignificant they actually are. And that is where the SNP have been going wrong; ignoring the pro-Brexit Scots, who despite wanting out of Europe, might still be YES voters. Instead of listening to the vocal minority; listen to the silent majority, or at the very least, acknowledge them. Again, I’ll admit I’m not pro-Europe, and would rather we have an agreement similar to that of Scandinavian countries; within the single market, but with enough leash to delay ever actually formalizing ties to Belgium. It works for them, and it would work for us. Yet I can understand why some would want to remain in Europe, and that’s fine, we can hold a referendum on that as well…but not without independence first, yet the more Tory and Labour quislings we let within our country; the less likely that either option will ever be a choice to begin with. You and your uninterested masters have robbed us of yet another national decision! Does that sound like hyperbole? An overreaction? That Westminster would ever be so underhanded, callous and subversive toward Scotland’s national interest and benefit, that such a thing could only have been dream’t up in the skewed head of an overzealous nationalist blaming every woe on the damned English? Tell me then; have you ever heard of the McCrone report; or, as I like to call it; The Darien Scheme 2.0?

The McCrone report

The McCrone report is an 18 page document about the effects of North Sea Oil on an independent Scotland, and which quite clearly shows that almost all of the profit from said North Sea Oil was taken from Scotland and spent on England, with projects such as upgrading the north and south circular road in London chief among them. The Channel Tunnel and M25 were also paid for from the ‘bonanza’ of North Sea Oil. Essentially it helps highlight; Economically, that Scotland has been continuously robbed and impoverished by subsequent Westminster governments; Westminster even having went so far as to have had the report classified as “secret“, so as to avoid fueling the independence sentiment within Scotland. It wasn’t until 2005 that the report was released to the public. Below are some excerpts:

The first part goes through most of the usual arguments which have been used against the Nationalists in the past with fairly convincing effect; the second part sets out the sort of economic strategy which an SNP Government might try to follow indicating both the dangers and the possibilities

used against the Nationalists in the past with fairly convincing effect

I was anxious to see whether a credible economic strategy could be put together which would appear to be more convincing in terms of solving Scotland’s traditional economic problems than the regional policies of the Unionist Governments have been up until now. I think the conclusion is that the most convincing way of taking the wind out of the SNP’s sails is by demonstrating that we now have policies which can make major in-roads into these problems. When my paper was written it was classified “secret” and given only a most restricted circulation in the Scottish Office because of the extreme sensitivity of the subject.”

the most convincing way of taking the wind out of the SNP’s sails

“It must be concluded therefore that revenues and large balance of payments gains would indeed accrue to a Scottish Government in the event of independence provided that steps were taken either by carried interest or by taxation to secure the Government ‘take’. Undoubtedly this would banish any anxieties the Government might have had about its budgetary position or its balance of payments. The country would tend to be in chronic surplus to a quite embarrassing degree and its currency would become the hardest in Europe with the exception perhaps of the Norwegian kroner. Just as deposed monarchs and African leaders have in the past used the Swiss franc as a haven of security, as now would the Scottish pound be seen as a good hedge against inflation and devaluation and the Scottish banks could expect to find themselves inundated with speculative inflow of foreign funds.”

“The country would tend to be in chronic surplus to a quite embarrassing degree”

Civil servants, in London, concluded that the report was accurate, and that the average income in Scotland would increase by up to 30% per head if Scotland became an independent country. They also stated that Scotland’s “economic problems would disappear”, and it would become the Kuwait of the Western world

“the Kuwait of the Western world”

In 2013, Denis Healey (who served in the Cabinet at the time the McCrone Report was submitted) stated: “I think we did underplay the value of the oil to the country because of the threat of (Scottish) nationalism… I think they (Westminster politicians) are concerned about Scotland taking the oil, I think they are worried stiff about it.

“I think we did underplay the value of the oil to the country because of the threat of (Scottish) nationalism…”


Is it not truly disgusting, to toy with the fate of an entire country, simply to line one’s own pocket? Yet that is Scotland’s abhorrent partner in this horrible union. And if that level of greed and vile deceit doesn’t turn your stomach, then join the other Lemmings lining up to leap of the cliff. At some point, I’m going to add a page which will include the report in its entirety, so that anyone interested can read it for themselves’, for there simply isn’t anything else I could add here, that would help to illustrate the reasons behind my mounting anger, and this rant, better than the report itself.

Cinead MacAlpin.