Knock, knock…Whos there? Dead Scot’s on a slave ship

Below, was what was said by conservative MP Lucy Frazer, during the queen’s speech debate in the House of Commons:

It is the home of Oliver Cromwell, who defeated the Scots at Dunbar; incorporated Scotland into his Protectorate and transported the Scots as slaves, to the colonies

lucy frazer1

She remained standing there with a barely stifled, smug-laden grin, as the chortling, sycophantic sneering, and venomous contempt had petered off long enough for her to add “Now there, is an answer to the West Lothian question; but not one that of course I would recommend

lucy frazer2

lucy frazer3

What a disgusting wretch of a woman; hundreds of dead Scots being heaped into mass graves after succumbing to the conditions onboard those ‘Slave‘ ships; is that really something in which you find a perverse sort of joy; a conceited smirk playing on your thin English lips as you so flippantly disregard the agonizing suffering of women and children having starved to death within the cramped, suffocating squalor of those ‘Slave‘ ships?

lucy frazer4

How vastly would the tables be turned, say, if I were to make such an inflammatory and derogatory remark in regards to the recent Westminster terrorist attack? After all, what are the English to me; nothing; foreigners; so why wouldn’t I be able to mock and scoff at the loss of life in that attack, when its fine and dandy for a Goddamn fucking English MP to not only make light off, but seem almost pleased about, the horrendous deaths of hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of Scots? And all done with that repugnant contortion of the English snout that passes for the self-congratulatory smirk of a whimsical quip delivered.

Here is a better look at that horse-faced English scarecrow witch:

lucy frazer

But what sickens me the most, is that there will be many people in Scotland who will still vote for these horrible little rats; old people clinging to life seemingly just to make it harder for the rest of us through their selfish and bad choices; those old bastards who scuppered the first Independence referendum complaining about their pensions; fuck you! You’ll be dead in the ground long before now, so why not leave a better future for your grandchildren than a Scotland yet chained to its abuser! These Vile, contemptuous British puppets, grovelers, sniveling and prostrating, servile and subservient Brit nats; quisling Scots who don’t deserve the blood in their veins, pedaling the lies and misinformation drip feed to them by their English Tory overlords; too meek and blind to see through the bars of their own cage, and out into the world changing around it.

We’re part of some harmonious union? Dear god; we are nothing but a device, our presence assuring the hollow Englishman of his ‘British identity’ when in reality, no such identity exists out with the delusions of grandeur so many of their ilk possess. We are not simply a region of England, we are not north Britain; our country is older than England; we were Christian first, whilst they continued to wallow in mud and wattle dwellings like the Germanic savages they were! They are the scum in this pond; they are the beasts needing leashed; they are the broken leg needing amputated! We are better than them in every way, socially, medically, and educationally; remember they send their patients up to Scotland for a reason. And our universities consistently outperform theirs. We are smarter, more creative, more musical and more pleasant than they could ever hope to be; they are the parasite, not us!

It is time we removed ourselves from the English and their toxic presence, and just got on with our own self’s. Leave England to suck America’s teat; those two countries can jerk each other of all they want; they can rebuild the empire 2.0, with England acting as uncle Sam’s footstool; whatever! Both are as meaningless to me, as the apple is to the wolf. Let them fight Russia in Syria, and let England fight Spain; but let them do it alone, and without the scottish soldier; the only reason as to why England ever got itself an empire in the first place; let Englishmen die, and let English families weep and wonder why.

Scotland deserves to be free. If you can’t see that, then for you, what hope is their left? Surely it isn’t from fear of being cast adrift cultureless and without identity, without a sense of self and belonging; for that is the wheel of the hollow Englishman. What then? Scotland is too small to stand on its own? Whereas Ireland and Iceland do just fine; when tourism and Whisky, and yes; OIL; are as plentiful for our country as insecurity is for England! Is it the thought of unchecked mass immigration that plagues your mind? Well, vote for independence and then never vote for the SNP ever again; simple! Why vote Tory or Labour just to spite your own nose? What does that really achieve in the present, or the long run; more punishment and less freedom; English law in place of Scots? What dog is so whipped that it can’t even realize when it’s being beaten? What sorry excuse for a human being would rather accept the rule of one country, over the self determination of one’s own soil?

Cinead MacAlpin