Who needs Democracy, eh?


I…I, I have no words, I can’t…I just, I can’t wrap my head around what the fuck I’m seeing, I mean, is this real? Is this actually real life? That someone in England feels that they have a right to try and petition the government to block any attempt at a separate nation’s right to self-determination and rule. Let that sink in for a moment, and try an attempt to process, to comprehend the reasoning behind what would make these lower than dirt foreigners honestly believe that they can call the shots on an entire countries right to at least attempt to get back on the path to self-determination…Is that truely the neighbor which Scotland has been cursed with, such a loathsome society of arrogant dogs who could view an entirely separate ethnic group with such dismal contempt that they resort to such an overwhelmingly passive aggressive stunt such as this…that they, as some has-been empire, whose soil was gained on the blood of Scottish soldiers (Seriously, read a book, it’s well documented that we were considered shock-troops, barbarians, that we would stand and fight to the death because of honor, and so allow them their retreat; “The thin red line” as it were)

Are we really thought of as so insignificant to the majority of England, that they believe that there will completely supersedes ours, and that they can just shut down our collective destiny? Aye, it seems that a good few of them do!

But why, I mean, why should we give a fuck about the instability of their country when it was they who went and threw the world’s biggest spanner into the works. Remember, Scotland didn’t bring this on, all of you did, the bigots and little Englanders and roving gangs of UKIP fanatics…this is your fault, and if I’m not mistaken, I specifically recall many in England, dissatisfied with the EU referendum calling, almost immediately, for a second vote. Yet Scotland waits a couple of years, and then chooses to, maybe, hold another one, seeing as the circumstances since the last one have changed drastically, which in turn, has led to Scotland’s future being ever more uncertain. Yet it was those very same Brexiters, who had just a short time before, readily jumped onto the anti-independence, you-had-your-chance bandwagon.

Double. Fucking. Standards.

And why shouldn’t we have another crack at independence, after all, First Minister Sturgeon is well within her rights to call a second referendum, thanks to it being included in her manifesto which in part led to a landslide election in May, which stated that should Scotland be dragged out of Europe against its will, a second referendum could, and would be called for. Besides, Scotland is a democratic country, is it not? And who has the right to stand in the way of democracy; the Commies, and maybe some African warlord, that’s who, but we don’t live in the old Soviet Union, nor do we answer to some A.K 47 waving tribal chief…and certainly not to the people of England.

Oh, and also, remember back in 2014, when those very same little-Englanders told us that the only way we could remain in the E.U., was by voting no to independence…welp, look what’s happened now. Oh the irony!

Anyway, don’t get me wrong, there are many signatures from Scotland on the petition as well…which fills me with a rage that far exceeds the blind-fury brought on by the thought of some Englishman thinking that his voice matters, that he has a say in the goings on of my country…but why is this? Well, it may have something to do with the appalling number of Saxon settlers within my fair country, and I’m not even joking here, there are like a million of the bastards, a bloody million of the bastards, for godsake!

And you better believe that that bunch are something akin to a cancer; a virus that will eat out the bowels of Scotland if left untreated; reproducing, corrupting and eventually destroying our land from the inside out. And yes, I understand that I’m kinda walking a fine line here, somewhere between nonsense and tinfoil hat territory, but I genuinely, and in all seriousness, believe that the number of English within my country can, and will, dramatically skew any resulting vote or poll on Scottish independence.

Regardless, all this fire-in-the-belly inducing talk of the English, and Independence, has gotten me all riled up; literally foaming at the mouth like some rabid, Saltire draped, woad painted, red-faced embodiment of Scottish bitterness…So, this disgruntled Scotsman’s gonna go ahead and start a wee petition of his own…