1,000,001 shovels


Well, I said I was going to go and make a wee petition, and so here it is. On the off chance anyone feels like taking me and my noble cause seriously, I’ll leave a link to the petition at the bottom of this post…

Anyway, come on lads and lassies! Let’s all get behind me in this endeavor, follow that link, sign the petition, and get in on the ground floor of history, people! After all, if Wallace were alive and well today, don’t you think he’d be down there with a shovel; all sweat and rippling muscle, shirtless of course, and driven by a burning passion to dig out a better Scotland, with his mighty, mighty bare hands.

And, you never know, the next time you’re driving through Gretna green, you might just see a rabble of sturdy Welshmen toiling away at the side of the road doing just that; so be sure to go ahead and give them a toot and a wave, and a big ol how do you do as you pass!