Well, as you can see, this starts of fairly innocuous enough, a bit of banter about us Scots and how we are all just a rabble of violent drunks, ya know, the usual. But that aint really the problem here, no, the problem you see, is with Fuzzybunny, whose family is, apparently, originally from Glasgow.

Now, before I go on, I know I could just register with the site I was on, then start shit with these dafty’s personally, and why don’t I? Well, it’s simple; I just can’t ever seem to get off that witty one liner, the kind that shuts down the other guy completely and with just a few words. My style is more like a sustained roaring until the person I’m arguing with either hits me, or breaks down crying, it essentially achieves nothing. Also, long winded comments never look good, and you just come across as an easily triggered arsehole…

(Cough, cough) Anyway, back to matter at hand, and so after some banal banter about Germans and the queen, and whatnot, Solaire goes onto say this: “Your family did right to move away…the less Scots the better XD”


Wow, thanks Solaire! Jeysus, I mean, your casual contempt for my kind is quiet offensive in its offhand bluntness, but seriously, am I actually reading a conversation between a guy who would happily see my people culled every few years, and a person of Scottish descent who seems just as happy for that to happen. Honestly, Fuzzybunny, your heritage is being disrespected, insulted even, and you just go along with it like a bitch, you just sit there and pal around with the guy insulting you, insulting part of your ancestry.

Fuck you cunto, if that’s how weak your blood is, then Scotland’s far better off with your cowards blood polluting England instead. But what gets me is the line: “So I should be nicely watered down!” You a fucking Nazi mate? because “nicely watered down!” sounds a lot like something a racist would say in regards to one’s ancestry, but then, what do I expect from a guy without so much as a hint of a backbone. I bet you were the sort of kid who got fuck all for his Christmas, but still went with the bullies to gang up on the poor kid, ya know? Just a little wretch who would make a fool of himself if it meant he could still hang about the ankles of the cool kids.

And as for you, Solaire, your kind tried a dozen times to wipe my people out, and that’s fact, not a fucking joke. Your kind literally tried to commit genocide on my people, so you keep on feeling superior and making light of that fact…but, you should also go and read a history book and see what happened the last half-dozen times your lot tried to invade my country. Here’s a hint…we slaughtered you. Every. Fucking. Time.

P.S. And if your kind were to ever try it again, live or die, I would genuinely look forward to my share of the bloodshed meantime 😉