“Some people insist it is” you say, well hold on there, buddy, but why should anyone have to “insist” that Scotland is a country, when Scotland is a country! One of the oldest in the world I might add. Yet you, some simpleton, is either too thick, or to conceited to acknowledge, and take onboard what has obviously already been explained to you countless times before by your betters.

“Does anyone have a link or something I can read to back up your answers?”

WOW, just…just read a fucking book for godsake, educate yourself, or, you know, maybe go and see a doctor about your obvious case of brain damage.

Listen, just because a country is in a position that does not conform to your narrow and misguided view of what is and isn’t, doesn’t mean that the world revolves around you and your idiotic reasoning. I can assure you, Scotland is a country, now just take that onboard, or at the very least, go and read a Wikipedia article about it or something.

But seriously, the utter depth of your ignorance is astounding, and that’s not me being dramatic, cause seriously, how in this day and age can people such as yourself continue to exist, let alone function in normal society? People like you should have already wandered in front of a train by know, or tried to suck the nickel off a revolver. Oh, and don’t worry about looking like a “total eejit”, cause that ship evidently sailed a long time ago.

Anyway, let me explain this to you in the simplest terms possible.

Scotland and England were two separate country’s much like japan and Norway. Scotland’s king then took the throne of England. then a wee bit later on, Scotland and England put both of their parliament’s in the same building, but that does not automatically make the Scottish, English, or the English, Scottish, nor does it mean that either ceases to be, or function as, a country. But what it does mean is that we are collectively called British.

Now imagine if you will, a Scotsman is standing in a room. Now, you could quite rightly say that a British man was standing in that room, but at the same time, you could also say that it was a Scotsman in the room, which it would in fact be. But when you add an Englishman and a Welshman and a northern Irish man, then you could collectively call them all British, and not because they are all the same people, but because they are all citizens within the union, much like how the members of a multi-national gang could collectively be called the Bandito’s, and be compromised of an Italian, a Norwegian, a Japanese person, and a Mexican, with only one of them actually considered, if left in a room by himself, Mexican.

What about any of this is so hard to understand?

Anyway, that’s it, as simple as that. And I don’t think I can make it any simpler, but, for your sake, I will try.

Scotland and England are two separate country’s like Canada and Italy, now, if Canada and Italy decided to share a single parliament, would that make all Canadians suddenly Italian, or all Italians suddenly Canadian? No, because that would be ridiculous, it would simply be two countries that shared a government, two separate and distinct peoples and cultures whose only relationship is through politicians and bureaucrats with neither country suddenly downgrading to become a state owned by the other.

But, at the end of the day, Scotland is a country that is in a union with another country, and no matter how much your ignorance, and that of other likewise, mentally challenged eejits seeps out into this increasingly uneducated world of ours, Scotland was, is, and always will be, a country.