The Irish “Daily mail” A correspondence.


“The Scotch showed that thay (Learn to fucking spell) are all kilt and no sporran when they were given a chance”

First of all, the accepted term for a collection of Scots is Scottish, secondly, if i had wanted to be taken seriously I maybe shouldn’t have called these little Irelander’s “Feinian’s” But what choice did I have, they started it after all with the “Scotch” carry on. But seriously, you have one bigoted commenter at least making an impassioned argument whilst she vomits her hate filled rant out into the world, and then you have the Idiot, whose only contribution to this entire circle-jerk of an American run website is the same knee-jerk, scumbag vitriol one would expect to find on the more reputable of bigoted publications such as the daily mail or the guardian.

Also, is that really an Irish women lecturing Scotland on its urge to become an independent nation, after what happened in her country, does no one else see the irony, an Irish nationalist, and no doubt an IRA supporter or sympathizer, is basically saying/asking why, Scotland, an ethnic and culturally separate nation of people would/shouldn’t want, to be governed by another wholly separate nation, whose only our neighbor by sheer luck. Is she really that much of a wretched piece of dirt, that she feels superior enough to dictate to an entire people why they shouldn’t be independent, as though just because her country is now free, they’re suddenly and automatically different to every country on earth, yet not so long ago, they themselves were considered British.

Does she not see the similarities in her own rhetoric and that which would have once been told to her own people by the British establishment? No? probably not, for that level of intelligence is clearly too much to ask of a women who comments four paragraphs worth of nonsense into the comment section of a two-bit, plastic paddy, St Patrick’s day inspired celebration of everything Irish, which is run by Americans who publish any old shite with even the weakest of connections to something vaguely “Irish”

And then you have Red Rover, whose comment isn’t exactly infuriating, but is rather comical in its thickness, rather than its attempt at humor, for what kind of Irishman is this, which doesn’t even recognize a Gaelic name when he reads one, after all, Cinead is a Scottish Gaelic first name, which means handsome, fair-haired etc… And although it isn’t an Irish name, they have similar equivalents so that you would expect this Rover dildo to know the difference between my name, and that of sinaid O’Conner, who he so clearly assumes me to be.

But hey! What do you expect from a bunch of plastic paddies on an American website whose only link to Ireland is a great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather called Patrick Maloney from county cork or the one named after mayonnaise?

Regardless, I sent a very late reply in response to both the Idiot and Vincent, now it’s under moderation, but I couldn’t resist calling them “Dum paddies”, so it’s probably not going to get approved. Which is why I made a note of it before posting, so, if it doesn’t make the cut for this illustrious website, then I’ll just chuck it in here instead. Also, if your Irish, sorry bout the whole Feinian “crack” (Aye, that’s right, your “Criac” word is just an Irish attempt at pretending the Scottish/Northern English word, Crack, is an old mystical Irish word for laughter or some bullshite)

Anyway, please don’t send a letter bomb through my door, or take me hostage or anything, I mean, that’s what you lot are best known for, isn’t it? I mean, you all like to pretend to be poets and magical fey folk and such, but really, your entire contribution to the modern world has been the spreading of terrorism. Oh, also, remember, no bombs please…cause that really would be bad “CRACK”. Bah-dum, tish!