To the devil you say


Scotland to the devil, you say. That’s a rather archaic sounding insult, but okay, fair enough, each to their own, I suppose. But 17th century put downs aside, let’s take a moment to absorb the rambling nonsense you just head-butted out of your keyboard.

‘Scottish Celtic culture are all just Irish’

First of all, Scotland’s culture is not Celtic, and I’ll explain why:

Just because Scotland is considered a Celtic country, does not mean that Scotland’s culture is indicative of a wider Celtic one, and in fact, the only reason we are considered Celtic today, without including examples of early Celtic artworks, is because we retained a Celtic language into the modern period. As for the bit about it being Irish, nowhere, in any of the written sources and records, are the ancient Irish mentioned as being anything like both the ancient and modern Scots. If you still don’t understand, think of America and England, which are connected but completely different.

‘Their language sounds like a kid with down syndrome trying to Irish Gaelic’

Can you not see the irony between your grammar, and that which you mock?

But, regardless, the reason why Scottish Gaelic sounds different to Irish is because it is very much different. Today, it has many invented, and borrowed Brythonic words, which further differentiate it from the original source, which is as you so eloquently point out, the ancient Irish language. But, considering it has been our language for close to two thousand years, brought over by our ancestors, the Gaels of Dal riata, who settled in Scotland and intermarried and interbred with the native Picts, we can consider that it is no longer the sole property of the Irish, much in the same way that the English language has its roots in an earlier Germanic one, but is itself completely different.

Now, onto the bit about the clans.

Clan comes from the Scottish Gaelic ‘Clann’ meaning essentially, a family unit. Many cultures, including the ancient Chinese, had similar tribal or clannish systems. So correct me if I’m wrong, but are you trying to imply that we stole the ancient clan system of Scotland from Ireland? Seriously, the Irish had famillies, and wether or not they called themselves Clans back then, they certainly dont now as Clans are not a part of Irish culture. Also, the clan system was romanticized by the Victorians, but was not an invention of theirs. To reiterate, this ingrained part of Scottish culture was simply romanticized.

‘was he confusing england with his homeland’

I ‘am sure anyone with half a brain can see that I have no need to shot down this last nonsensical question.