Knowledge is useful in an argument


‘when the English beat the crap out of the scotts in many a battle which led to the act of union’

Incredible, utterly astounding, is how I would describe the depths of your ignorance. Now all jokes aside, what really gets me about your statement, is your complete lack of knowledge and understanding of a major and defining moment in “British” history. It was a Scottish king who made “Britain”!

‘I can’t say the scots have a culture at all’ and ‘mythical scottish culture’

Skara brae, Pictish stones, the Gaelic Language/Poetry/Music, 9000 years of human history, one of the oldest countrys in Europe, ever heard of any of these? Well, if you haven’t, Skara braes far older than Stonehenge by a few thousand years, and it’s also home to the oldest pub on the planet. I wonder also, if you’ve ever heard of the musical instrument called the harp? Or, as it is known here in Scotland, the Clarsach. Now many people identify the harp with Ireland, but did you know, that the three oldest harps ever found, on the entire planet, come from Scotland (Aye, even the Brian Boru harp!) not bad for a cultureless wasteland, eh? And the ‘caterwauling’ bagpipes you speak of, have also been an integral part of Scotland’s culture for a very long time, now there is much debate as to the instruments origins, but what isn’t under debate is the fact that the highland bagpipe is to the primitive and earlier instrument (whose origin hasn’t been discerned) as the wolf is to the dog. Regardless, the Highland bagpipe is an instrument of complete Scottish origin


Fred head, let me stop your there.

Just because Kilts and bagpipes are well known and easily recognizable as Scottish, does that suddenly make them unviable as to being an item of Scotland’s culture? Just because they are well promoted throughout the country, does that mean they are just a gimmick, or could it in fact be that we Scots are simply proud of our heritage and culture, and have chosen to keep them alive and well within the borders of our own country.

Anyway, back to Robert x and his comment of ‘the truely marvelous haggis’

Wow, you are the first person ever to take a pot shot at the humble haggis, well done you, such a wit. But seriously, is that really how you’re going to back up your argument, no facts nor evidence, just a reference to food? I don’t know why I bother sometimes.

And lastly, ‘very laudable i think not!’ you proclaim, as though you have definitively dismantled, and disproven the Scottish identity. As though you have used arguments of weight and facts to get the job done, when all you have really proven is that you are a genuine moron, an actual, honest to goodness, moron.

Very laudable indeed!