E.U. Referendum. Armageddon. Result!

Thank you England, not only have you handed us the legitimate keys to opening the lock on a second independence referendum, but you’ve also ousted that pig bothering, shiny-headed cunt, David Cameron. Two birds with one stone if you will.


Scotland played a blinder, my Saxon friends, as a nation, we tacitly voted to remain, knowing that you lot would vote to leave, and ensuring our master plan could begin. Think about it, those areas of Scotland that was unsure of independence, such as the Outer Hebrides, Orkney and Shetland, will now, no doubt vote for independence, just as a means of reapplying for a place within the European Union. Independence, which was scuppered by the uncertainty thrust upon Scotland’s population, that we wouldn’t have an easy time of it with the E.U, has now been made completely redundant, for what else can be done but to hold a second vote, even if that is just a way for the afraid to assuage their fears, fears thrust upon them by you.

You see, for me, I never gave one sore shite about Europe, and I still don’t. This vote was solely for Scotland. I trusted in my fellow Scots to vote like wise. Europe to me is a sinking ship, and once Scotland gets its independence, then I will be the first to denounce the E.U. I only care about Scotland, and I would forsake almost every other nation on earth, simply to see my beautiful country free. To be honest folks, I would be absolutely thrilled to see every country on earth shut it’s borders and revert back into a Dark Age state, as again, I care only for Scotland, fuck you and the rest of the world.


‘Independence day’ Proclaims Nigel farage.

what a fucking laughable statement that really is (And a tad too dramatic to boot), seriously, you call it independence day, you were a fucking fully autonomous country, who had the power to say no to the E.U, you didn’t have to follow the rules to the letter, you were not subjugated, you were a part of a club!

Here are the stats: remain 16,141,241. 48.1% leave 17,410,742. 51.9%

Here is Scotland’s voice among all those numbers


See you around England, and your little puppet state, Wales (Sorry Wales, but what were you thinking!). It may take us some time. It may not be just yet, but soon, very soon, Scotland will gain its independence, and Britain shall shrink that little bit more. Soon, Northern Ireland will have no choice but to unify with the Republic, further shrinking your crumbling, and dead empire. Then it will be just you (for Wales will see the light eventually) a friendless entity surrounded by prosperous countries with access to many millions of trading partners.

Britain’s economy has fallen, the stock market has crashed. That is you’re doing, and the repercussion will be felt for many uncertain millions to come. You voted in the Tories, and then you voted them in again, this is your fault England. Blinded by your utter bigotry, you dragged us out of Europe, only to decide that it isn’t for you after all and sign some coward’s petition. You made our beds, now lay the fuck down.


Good luck.