Simmer down.


Disclaimer: These arent responses to me, I aint on twitter, if you were wondering.

Hello *****, let’s just get right down to it. Scotland did indeed hold a referendum on independence, and yes, the majority voted to remain a part of the United Kingdom. But, you saying that we are English is simply to provoke a reaction. You are a troll.

I wonder if you realize just how much bloodshed resulted from the splitting up of Ireland. And I wonder if you realize that those in Northern Ireland not only killed to, but also died, to remain within the fold of the United Kingdom. So, even if they didn’t hold a referendum as you pointed out, they fucking killed each other in lieu of one, Irish killing Irish, the exact same people, which, unlike how you went and whitewashed 9000 years of history, the Scottish and English are not.

Imagine if you will, two men, one Scottish, the other English. The Scottish man is basically half Gael, half Pict. Celtic/Gaelic/Brythonic (Brythonic Celtic being pre-roman inhabitants of much of modern day, southern Scotland, England and Wales) now try and stay with me here, the English man is essentially, and in the most simplest of terms, a German/Brythonic Celt. The ancestors of the English were once Celtic; similar to the modern day Welsh, who are themselves almost a pure strain of the pre-roman Brythonic Celtic people. But, after many invasions, they quickly became a Germanic people, whether by ethnicity or culture.

Wait, didn’t you realize that the term Celtic, as well as Gaelic and even Germanic can be applied to a person whose culture falls into one of those ethnicities, you can even be a linguistic member of these groups.

So, *****, as to whether or not we Scots are English simply for having voted to remain within a political union with them, rather than an ethnic one? Which I’m not even sure is possible, otherwise we would indeed be English and the whole island would be called England, which as I have explained to you, is not the case. So, the answer is no, for the shared ancestry we do have, the Brythonic Celtic people, were at that time, neither Scottish nor English, they were simply a series of warring Celtic peoples.

But, if you’re still having trouble wrapping your head around this, I will simplify it even more. A Scotsman is a Celt, an Englishman is a German. Just look at the r1b blood type via a map


If anything, it would seem that we Scots have more in common with the welsh and Irish, than we have the English. Also, on the subject of being Celtic, just look at Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and the region that would have been near to Iberia, where the Celts who arrived in Britain were said to originate. Then look at England, which is not as light blue as Germany, but much similar to the regions of France and central Europe wherein the Hallstatt Celtic culture would have mingled with the early Germanic peoples. So even though Scotland isn’t purely Celtic, and England isn’t purely Germanic, we were, and still are, two distinct ethnic groups with separate cultures, history, and traditions.

But, had it not been for the Normans and the Saxons and the Danes settling England, and the Picts of Scotland being a different ethnicity to the Brythonic peoples in the south of the island, and if the Gaels of dal riata had not settled much of the west coast of Scotland, then interbreed and intermarried with the native Picts, then perhaps, just maybe, we may have been the same people. But hey, we all apparently came from Africa, so what the fuck does it matter.